Stride Into Sport Drop In Participation Levels For The Junior Community

Did you know about the drop in participation levels for junior community sport over COVID? 

The participation rate dropped from 18% in 2019 to only 10% in 2020 in established regional areas (Regional – other).
For those 4 years of age, participation dropped by 70% and for those aged 5-9 it dropped by 54%.
Sport participation is generally higher in regional Victoria than metropolitan Melbourne as community sport is embedded in regional culture as a means to congregate and develop and maintain social connections (Eime, Charity et al. 2021).
Given that there are fewer other leisure-time activities available in regional and rural area compared to major cities, it is likely that the absence of sport has negatively affected regional residents more than metropolitan residents

This is why we’ve created Stride into Sport. Get involved in your local club today!


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For more information on the stats:

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