Regional Sport Partnership

VicHealth is partnering with Victoria’s 9 Regional Sports Assemblies, including the Mallee Sports Assembly to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and regional Victorians aged 0-25, including those that face the most significant barriers.

The Mallee Sports Assembly will:

  • Continue to deliver on the health, wellbeing and participation outcomes achieved for women and girls through the Regional Sport Program 2018-21
  • Increase young people’s physical activity and social connection through participation in traditional or social sport, active recreation, active play, arts, and community- led activities; to be informed by consultation and engagement of young people aged 0-25
  • Support planning for VicHealth’s Future Healthy initiative
  • Support planning VicHealth’s Local Government Partnership

The key objectives of the Regional Sport Partnership include:

  • To improve the health and wellbeing of rural and regional Victorians, Regional Sports Assemblies will work with sport clubs and associations, active recreation providers, local councils, recreation facilities and other community grassroots organisations.
  • Provide the perspective of regional Victoria by supporting planning and providing input to VicHealth’s Future Healthy initiative and objectives relating to improving the health and wellbeing of young Victorians aged 0-25, including those facing the most significant barriers participation and involvement.
  • To support local planning with Fast Track Councils involved in VicHealth’s Local Government Partnership, which seeks to address local factors that directly affect the daily lives of children and young people and their opportunities for health and wellbeing.
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